Review: Carnie Wilson: Unstapled & Hidden Agenda
Originally posted: January 15, 2010

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

GSN just debuted two new shows on their schedule called Carnie Wilson: Unstapled, a reality show showing how Carnie manages to balance family, singing, The Newlywed Game & her budding baking career. The other show that debuted is Hidden Agenda, a hidden camera game show, not unlike You're On and more recently, Game Show In My Head. Both of these shows were pretty much panned from the word "Go" by both BuzzerBlog & Game Show Newsnet. So, you could expect some terrible television right there. But how bad are they? Well, let's find out.

Carnie Wilson: Unstapled - This show is pretty much like GSN's other host-documentary show, Chuck Woolery: Naturally Stoned. The difference between Chuck's show and Carnie's show is that Chuck's show combined life at Lingo, His past, his family & his Moto-Lure invention brilliantly. Well, except for his personal life, where it took a very nasty turn afterwards when it showed Chuck's third marriage go down in flames. This show, well all we got on this episode was all about Carnie and her weight problems & her budding baking endeavor. What also makes this show bad is that Carnie, the show's feature, isn't even entertaining on here. Instead she comes off as bitchy and whiny. The most charasmatic & entertaining people that were on this show was Art the clothing guy & Carnie's personal trainer, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page. Diamond Dallas Page thankfully gave us the best part of the show where he completely blasted Carnie for not committing to the weight loss program, not telling him about the birth of her 2nd child & other things that I don't care to remember. Anyways, this show is just passable at best. It could be interesting later on, but it just bores me to tears. In Short, Diamond Dallas Page saves this show from utter failure.

Grade: D+

Hidden Agenda - I'm going to make this one short. Hidden Camera Game Shows hardly work. This one is one of the most painful that I've seen. Let's start at the top, Debi Gutierrez is painful to watch as a host. She pretty much acts like a Latin Patrick Wayne with a Sex Change. It also doesn't help that her comedy isn't really that good either. I watched a couple of her standup bits before watching this program, and it's just painful. This show is even more painful. In the first episode, this girl had to get her husband to do some pretty banal tasks. Since he hates to cook, he had to make a pizza from scratch, and have to do some bird stuff because he hates the bird. Isn't this stuff you bring up to Dr. Phil or a marriage counselor and not Michael Davies & GSN? This show is just painful, avoid at all costs. It's worse than Big Saturday Night in my eyes.

Grade: F

Well, that's those two shows. Let's just hope that they get something good going again, like maybe a new season of Bingo America? Sure it wasn't that great, but it's much better than these two trainwrecks.

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