What's Old Is Crap Again
Originally posted: February 26, 2010

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

There is a theory in the wrestling world that I'd like to apply in the game show world. Jim Cornette theorized that after 7 years, you could redo a storyline, no matter how bad it is. What he's talking about is on Halloween Havoc 1990, Sting faced off against Sid Vicious, but in the beginning, Sting wasn't Sting. It was a clone, so to speak. Then fast forward 10 years later on Halloween Havoc 2000 and we get Jeff Jarrett taking on Sting, but out comes a bevy of Sting clones to hinder Sting's progress. Needless to say, both of these moments were crap.

Now I bring that up to bring this up. Last weekend, GSN unleashed a new commercial to promote Hidden Agenda's replacement, Instant Recall. Now, this show is hosted by game show legend Wink Martindale. Now, if I was GSN, I'd promote Wink and the Show by highlighting the good points of the show and maybe showing some footage. But what does GSN do? They rehash the Rap Commercial that they did with Chuck Woolery and instead have Wink Martindale rapping about himself & the show.

While I do a comparison facepalming, at least this isn't as bad as the original one. Mainly because we don't have any dancers in the background. However, it's still bad. I mean, looking at Wink's Bright Orange Outfit...It makes me not want to drink any Orange Juice or even look at oranges. The outfit is hideous, sort of like Chucky W's outfit in the Naturally Stoned commercial. And the rap is actually decent, with no lines like "You wanna talk smack? I say snap take it to the whack shack jack."

Either way, I hope that Instant Recall doesn't suffer from lame duck promotion. I like Wink and his shows, but with the recent bevy of horrible decisions that David Schiff & co. have made recently, my standards are low. Let's hope the show does well and maybe we can get another game show, and not another crappy reality show, like Carnie Wilson: Unstapled.

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