Save Solitary...Save VAL
Originally posted: March 5, 2010

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

Good Morning.Evening.Afternoon. My name is VAL.

That line has been uttered on the show Solitary for the past 4 seasons. The show itself is one of the best reality shows that I've ever seen. The mental anguish and physical torment that these people have to endure, and also being cut off from the outside world as well has made this show appointment viewing for the past 3 years. But unfortunately, the show will be dying soon. But not because of the show's ratings being bad, it's quite the opposite. Ratings are great for Solitary, but it's the network that has pressed the Red Button.

Fox Reality channel at the end of this month will no longer exist. It will instead become something like NatGeo Earth or something to that effect. Thus, it would also mean the end of Solitary and the end of VAL, who's one of the most freakishly awesome characters in television today. However, there is a grass roots campaign going on right now to save Solitary and Save VAL.

There is a great website called that has started campaigning to various networks to pick up Solitary after Fox Reality Channel ends. The site has people asking visitors to write to networks such as G4, Syfy, and GSN to pick up Solitary for another season or 4. With the ratings that Solitary got on a lower tier network like Fox Reality, I'm certain that it would bring tremendous ratings for the likes of GSN, which desperately needs a hit after the failures that was Big Saturday Night, The 2009 Game Show Awards, Carnie: Unstapled & Hidden Agenda (which got less than 65,000 viewers on its last night). G4 would also benefit from a new original program that doesn't require contestants throwing up or anything having to do with Kevin Periera. Syfy doesn't really need Solitary because it gets good ratings on its own with originals like Caprica, Warehouse 13, Ghost Hunters & WWE: NXT.

The site itself is well done, and even the producers have provided them with a great video featuring VAL asking people to Save Solitary...Save VAL. And I want nothing more to see Solitary continue. Either on GSN, FOX, or G4. So, please....

(Save Solitary Save Val picture courtesy of Carl Chenier)

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