Review: Instant Recall
Originally posted: March 12, 2010

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

Remember Me, I'm Wink Emcee. A Game Show Legend Since Seventy-Three. Unfortunately for Winkster, he's been put in an impossible predicament. He has to get people to watch GSN's latest hidden camera game show, Instant Recall.

Instant Recall is hard to describe. The best I can do is that one or two people are put into an everyday event that could go on, like for instance in the first episode two people went to a relationship therapy seminar with some bogus guy who gave out a bunch of bogus tips on how to make a relationship work. (R-note: Gee, isn't that like every single relationship therapy seminar?) Anyways, some weird stuff will happen during the happening, such as the spokesman's kid coming in and whines about being bored among other things. Then out of the blue someone will say, "Do you like Game Shows?" Then out of the blue, Wink Martindale comes out and they set up a portable game show set & they play a memory game.

The game itself is trying to recall what happened during the event. Whether answering a multiple choice question, going through a bag and putting on the same clothing some guy wore, or handing someone the same color balloons that were at the party. Correct answers earn cash, while incorrect answers don't. That's pretty much Instant Recall in a nutshell.

While I think it's an entertaining show and liked it, I understand why people hate it. The main reason is that the GSN audience refuses to be burned again by a hidden camera game show like they were with Hidden Agenda. They responded in like fashion by not watching. The show got less than 100,000 viewers on its debut and now has been scuttled to Friday Nights at 8:00pm instead of Thursday Nights at 8:30 after Carnie: Unstapled. I don't think this show has long to go, mainly because the viewers of GSN want something in the form of a Studio game show. Now would be a great time to go back to Lingo or even Whammy for that matter. Something has to be done to bolster these ratings. They are dismal. But I'm saving that for another Commentary. But, this show is enjoyable, but is heavily flawed. The show relies too much on Wink, and that is saying something because this show has been done better before. Most notably Oblivious. The set that they use, could have been done better. And I'm going to just repeat myself. This show could have been a lot better, if they had tightened up some things. But instead, it'll end up being a footnote in the history that is GSN.

Grade: C

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