Game Show Garbage in 2018

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

A couple weekends ago, I asked people on Facebook, Twitter and other avenues what they wanted to see out of Game Show Garbage in 2018. A lot of the suggestions revolved around our sites mainstay: the inductions. So, I'll talk about the six main things on the site as they are listed above as well as a couple other things from the site's past.

Inductions: Because of the multiple requests and holding back on running though tons of material for the past few years, we are increasing the input on actual inductions for Game Show Garbage. Starting in January, inductions will go to a once a month schedule. I don't know what I plan on doing for January's induction, but do expect a poll that month for February. For February, I will give a topic to the Patreon backers and they will get to select a couple picks for the poll.  So, if you want even more input on the inductions this year and for future years, become a Patreon member at and help support the site!

Dumb Answer of the Week: This is not going anywhere.  Jessica Brand has been helping me out behind the scenes with the scripts and direction on how to go about the segment.  She really helped me take a more analytical approach, especially towards the Manny Abell one a couple weeks ago.  Without her help, the Dumb Answers wouldn't be coming out at all.  It was close to being retired after Jim Williams' passing earlier in the year.

The Games Of '90: We're in the home stretch of this series. There are only a few more shows left to cover and most of them are the big ones such as Jeopardy, American Gladiators, Scrabble, Family Feud and a few other lesser known titles as we wrap it all up with The Challengers. After the Challengers, two top 5 videos are in the works.  One of them is a Top 5 Best Games Of '90.  The other one will be an induction as it pertains to the Top 5 Worst Games Of '90. After that, a new anthology series will debut.

Commentaries: These will still be around, thanks to people wanting more written/video content on this site.  This section is open to those who want to contribute as well, if they have some statements they want to make on current events in game shows or special moments they had while at TPIR Live or any taping. If you want to have a commentary on here, let me know and I'll see what you got.  If it passes muster with myself, Jessica Brand and Carl Chenier, we'll put it up on the site.

Tooncrap: The section is currently on hiatus as Raymond Gallant is busy with other projects.  We are working on a way to revive the section, but as for righ tnow, it's on hiatus.

Wrestle Theme Reviews: This has been moved to the archives as the show is no longer in production with no signs of it being brought back.

8-Bit Boys Of Summer: The series will continue on a once every 2-3 months basis starting in February when Pitchers and Catchers report. Baseball Stars will be the first game we talk about and then complete the rest of the NES Library of Baseball games.  I hope to obtain physical copies of all the games, but I'm left with the most expensive of the bunch now.

Well, that's all there is for this update.  December will have or next Viewers' Choice induction and I hope everyone has a good day!

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