Deal Me Out Again AKA No More Monty Hall
Originally posted: April 1, 2010

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

The big thing that I was going to talk about last week that I put off until this week was the big return of Monty Hall to assist Wayne Brady on Let's Make A Deal. To be perfectly honest, why did they ruin such a great show by adding such an ancient fossil to such a young, hip and reverent show?

Let's face it. Monty Hall has been seriously overrated since the original Let's Make A Deal hit the airwaves in 1964, and still to this day, game show fans and non-fans alike think he was one of the best things about game shows. I don't see the point to him. He's smarmy, annoying as all hell, maybe because he's a stinking Canadian. I also forgot that he lost whatever hosting chops he had after the first time Deal got cancelled from NBC, ever since he was just there for the check. He doesn't care about what Wayne Brady & co. have done with the show. He's just there to show everybody up.

If he were a true pioneer, then he would have left well enough alone back in 1990 and let Bob Hilton host Let's Make A Deal the way it should be hosted. Bob Hilton was a great host, and nobody can convince me otherwise. If you want someone to come back and show Wayne how it's really done. All you have to do is go back only 7 years and bring back Billy Bush. To me, he was the perfect host of Let's Make A Deal. He had that charm, charisma and overall likeable personality that comes with hosting a primetime game show. If NBC didn't have their heads up their butts, Let's Make A Deal would still be on primetime TV right now instead of crap like 1 Vs. 100 or Deal or No Deal.

But back to Monty Hall. He was so painfully bad, it shouldn't even be aired. He stumbled through every single deal that he was given, and the sheep in the audience cheered him like he was the second coming of Jesus or something to that effect. How he lasted all of these years on TV is way beyond me. But, he hand-picked Wayne Brady, so it shouldn't be any surprise that Wayne Brady sucks. Monty should stop reliving the old limelight and just stay in the retirement home that should be occupied by Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek & others of their ilk, to make room for great hosts like Billy Bush, Carnie Wilson, Johnny Arcade, Phil Moore and the best game show host of all time, Patrick Wayne.

So, if you actually sat through that horrible week of Let's Make A Deal. I feel really sorry for you. And if you actually believed a word that I just typed out...

Then I hope you enjoy your Zonk Cars.

APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, Monty Hall was great this week and proved that he still had it. I can't expel any more virtues than it was great to see the true big dealer back at work. Wayne's done a great job with Deal as it stands and I see a long run for Wayne and company.

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