Review: Scream If You Know The Answer
Originally posted: May 7, 2010

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

Trying to come up with fresh new material for game shows is harder than you might think. So, people often look at other television programs from all across the world to find that new interesting concept. Over here in the United States, we had a show called BrainRush. It was basically Cash Cab, but on a Roller Coaster. 3 Kids had to answer questions and other problems thrown to them by the host. It was an interesting format, but the main flaw was that they used the same 3 roller coasters for the entire series, thus causing the shows demise. Recently in the UK, this premise was picked up by relatively new cable channel Watch under the moniker, Scream if you Know The Answer.

If you've seen BrainRush, then Scream If You Know The Answer is BrainRush, but with variety in the games that they play. However, this show is played with two teams of one contestant and one celebrity player. So, instead of just getting squeamish looks and girlish screams from average Joes and Janes, we get people who have some star power giving off squeamish looks and girlish screams. So, the show works in that facet. What also works about this show is the various roller coasters and other rides that they go on for the different rounds. In one round, they have to give people, places or things that fit a certain category in alphabetical order with one person starting with the letter A, the next person starting with B, and so on and so forth. It goes on until the ride is over. Each correct answer scores a point.

Another thing that I like about the show is that the rounds have different forms and take place on different rides, except for ones that have specific purposes. For example, the final round, which always takes place on the Detonator ride. The Detonator is like the Tower of Terror at Disney or the Extreme Scream at other places. One version of the final round is the celebrity from one team asks the contestant from the other team various questions and they can't answer the question with the words, "Yes", "No", or "Maybe" otherwise they get dropped. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. The end game is the same in each episode, but it's on a very short ride, so it's fine by me. The end game is sorta like Scattegories in reverse, where the contestant gets the duration of the ride, which is about 15 seconds to list things in a certain category. Then afterwards, the celebrity has the same category & the same amount of time as the contestant. Each matched answer is worth L500 with a maximum of L5,000.

The host and voiceovers are good here as well. I enjoy the commentary done by the Voiceover guy in Colin Murray, and it's hosted admirably by Duncan James. The only problem that I can foresee, and it's what also plagued BrainRush. They need to go to different parks and do different rides. Otherwise, viewers will get bored and will turn away from the show. I hope they do go to other parks. It's a silly, yet fun format that works.

Grade: B+

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