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Originally posted: July 2, 2010

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

This past Sunday the 37th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were given out. The headlining event was the grand celebration of Dick Clark, featured with many singers from American Bandstand from Chubby Checker to The Temptations to Tony Orlando (who look like he ate Dawn), among others who said their thank yous and other congratulations. It was a very moving and touching segment. That night, Dick Clark was also given the Lifetime Achievement award. So, now let's talk about the Nominees for Best Game Show.

The Price Is Right: 38 years on the air shows that it's still the A show in daytime. Unfortunately though, sometimes the show can seem like a chore to watch because of the idiot contestants that Stan Blits enjoys picking out. Just because they're loud doesn't mean they know what to do onstage. It's still a ways to go before it becomes what it was back in the day.

5th Grader: It's a complete reversal from what the show was when it was on Fox in Primetime. It's a really good show for it's first syndicated year and I hope that it doesn't fall into the same trap that Deal or No Deal did this past year. However, it doesn't deserve the top honors.

Wheel of Fortune: The King of Syndication can do no wrong. It continues to plug away giving tons of cash and prize puzzle destinations as well. It's always a prime contender for Best Game Show.

Jeopardy!: The Queen of Syndication & the King of Quizzes. It's the perfectly produced quiz show, in my opinion. Like Wheel, a great contender for Best Game Show.

Cash Cab: It seems to be the little game show that could. Who would have thought that a little game show from the Discovery Channel would turn into the runaway critical and ratings hit that it's become for the network. Not only that, its reruns are entering syndication starting in September, so if it wins, it's a big boost.

And the Winner is......CASH CAB! I guess you don't need a flashy set or loud contestants to get a Daytime Emmy. Personally, I would have given it to Jeopardy, but Cash Cab is a worthy winner.

Now it's time for Best Game Show Host.

Wayne Brady: He was great on Don't Forget The Lyrics and he's quite good on the revival of Let's Make A Deal. It's his first Emmy nomination and he deserves it. He's in touch with the contestants and absolutely cares to see them win.

Ben Bailey: He's just fantastic as the driver/host of Cash Cab. If you can drive & ask trivia questions and not get into 1 crash, then you're quite the guy. Although he's not the best host out there, after being nominated last year, if he wins this year, it's not surprising.

Pat Sajak: I don't know, but it sounds like he's lost his luster over the past few years. I would have not selected him this year, just because there were a few better hosts out there than him.

Carnie Wilson: And she is definitely NOT one of them. I'm just wondering who in the hell did she have to sleep with in order to get nominated? She has no place hosting anything. She's had 3 seasons on the Newlywed Game to improve and she's gotten worse. She makes me throw up just seeing her bloated, syrupy sweet face. She can't host worth a damn. And I'm saying this now. The day Newlywed Game gets kicked off the air again, or the day she leaves the show. That following Friday is the day she gets inducted.

Alex Trebek: Unlike Pat, Alex hasn't lost a step. He's still as good as he ever was, even with the addition of the $1,000,000 Celebrity Tournament. He would be my pick to win it all, if I had a say in the voting.

And the winner is.........BEN BAILEY! Daily Double for Cash Cab and the rest of the crew as they get both Best Game Show and Best Game Show Host awards. It's a great time to be a fan of Cash Cab and a great time to be a fan of Discovery. So, cheers to Ben and the entire Cash Cab Crew. You won the awards fair and square.

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