E's Bridalplasty & Why It Shouldn't Exist
Originally posted: December 3, 2010

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

The definition of the game show genre has been somewhat skewered when we hit the year 2000. Normally when people thought of a game show, it was in a studio, with contestants answering questions or performing stunts or drawing on a canvas trying to get overbloated celebrities to guess what he's drawing. Then we had Survivor & Big Brother, taking out the traditional studio & placing them either on an island or in Big Brother's case, a house. Now, while some people contend these aren't game shows, it has the same meaning as a game show: Contestants competing against each other for a prize at the end. Whether they are called Castaways, Houseguests, cooks is completely arbitrary. In 2003, a reality show called Extreme Makeover came onto the scene and used plastic surgery to help out people who wanted it to make themselves more appealing along with some great physical support in workouts, dietary programs & other healthy means. I'm assuming the surgery part was the selling point, because the rest are good ideas, but are too boring for a broadcast network for ABC. But, leave it to FOX to fubar everything. In the following year, it came out with a disgusting reality show in The Swan. Where, instead of having feel good stories about people getting the surgeries & workout regiments, it was made to be in the vein of a pageant show. It was dubbed as "The most morally bankrupt thing on TV since Al-Qaeda's latest press release."

So, why did I talk about this? Well, it's been about 7 years since that show was on the airwaves, and it's being brought back with a pathetic mish-mash of formats, or something like that as a grand prize.

E! has just debuted a brand new Reality game show called Bridalplasty. The premise is this: 12 Brides-to-be all move in a huge mansion and compete in various tasks in order to win a celebrity dream wedding. Now, that might not be so bad. As a matter of fact, that could have been a very good idea for a show, if executed right. But here's what makes this all very very depressing. The prizes given out on this show, instead of the big wedding gala at the end...plastic surgery procedures to help transform the brides into the good-looking celebrity they want to look like...well, not really, but you get the idea. To me, that's just depressing. I looked at these brides, and they honestly don't need plastic surgery whatsoever. It's just sad that we had a good idea about brides competing for a dream wedding, and it's fubared by throwing in these procedures so they can look, "Hollywood".

What also isn't right is that the wedding is being treated as an afterthought. The Plastic Surgery procedures are being brought to the forefront as the prizes as they really want. Taking a look at the bios on the show's webpage, not much is talked about the brides themselves, maybe a sentence or two, but they have a laundry list of procedures ranging from classics like breast augmentation to liposuction of fat and other procedures that I've never heard of such as liposuction of flanks & skin resurfacing. I can't think of a current game show that's worse right now. Sure I may trash Millionaire's new format or the hosting of Alfonso Ribeiro, but those aren't as morally bankrupt as this show. This isn't worth giving a letter grade for. It's just trashy whore-riffic TV. Although, seeing how this is the E! network, which instead of The Soup and their True Hollywood Stories, is almost filled to the brim with trash. Let's talk about the Khardashian media whores, who have no redeeming qualities about them, aside from Kim's gigantic butt. Then you had The Girls Next Door, where it was mainly 3 girls bragging about being Hugh Hefner's girlfriends and it's spinoff: Kendra. Kendra is this dumb-ass blonde who is only famous for being on The Girls Next Door and dating former Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett. But I'm getting off track. Bottom Line about Bridalplasty: It shouldn't even be on TV. It promotes a negative image about what women should look like & it's below the Swan in terms of integrity, it looks like. But as I said, this is the E! network. They air crap all day long, and don't seem to care. I'm just thankful that this isn't hosted by Chelsea Handler. I mean, the less said about that unfunny wench, the better.

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