Good, Bad, Ugly: TPIR Announcer Tryouts Pt. 2
Originally posted: January 7, 2011

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

The Price Is Right has been doing it's announcer tryouts now for about 3 months, and so far we have heard 5 voices trying to grab the microphone from the vacated Rich Fields. I've already covered J.D Roberto, Jeff Davis and Brad Sherwood. Now it's time to take a look at the two other tryouts in David Lawrence & George Gray.

David Lawrence: David Lawrence, out of the 5 people that have tried out as the Price Announcer, has no experience in game shows, aside from being on Beat The Boss, a British show where kids battle adults in the realm of brilliant ideas. Aside from that, He's done radio, television, movies & even video games as a voice-over guy for the hit Xbox 360 game, Saints Row.

The Good - Voice wise and enthusiasm wise, he is the best so far. He always brings his a-game, hardly makes any mistakes, and sounds like he's genuinely interested in wanting this job. Not only that, he does have comedic timing & doesn't sound like most of his announcing is done in post production, like others.

The Bad - Although he is a friend of Drew, he doesn't really have a name, like the others. Most people would recognize him from being a Villain in Heroes. But then again, Rich wasn't really a "name" either, so who knows.

The Ugly - He is the best of the lot, but I'm being really nit-picky here. I can't stand his sign off of "This is David H. Lawrence the XVII, speaking for the Price Is Right, a Fremantle Media Production." It comes off as super-pretentious and annoying. What's wrong with him going, "This is David Lawrence, Speaking for the Price Is Right. A Fremantle Media Production." Aside from that nit-pick, he's really good and should get the gig if there is Justice in the world.

George Gray - Many game show fans out there know him as former host of Extreme Gong, Weakest Link, National Lampoon's Greek Games, The $50 Million Hoax, I'd Do Anything among others that have slipped my mind. He also has tons of comedy experience & voice-over experience as well. In Short, he's JD Roberto, but miles better in the hosting department.

The Good - Like David, he also has a great voice for the show. It's live, energetic and does the show justice. Although he can over-ham it up every now and then, that's just his persona when he's not being super-snarky like he was on The Weakest Link or on I'd Do Anything. Also, he's got "name" recognition and is a favorite among the game show fan base.

The Bad - I haven't had much experience with his announcing, only 2 shows worth, but when he does ham it up too much, it almost reaches Brad Sherwood levels of annoyance. Even so, some of his announcing does sound like it's in post, but he has the ability to sound like he's in studio rather than in a booth.

The Ugly - With only 2 shows under his belt, I can't really call an ugly, other than he has that type of split where you either like his announcing or you don't. I'm sure when more of his episodes air, I'll be able to make a better judgment call.

Well, those are your tryouts. I don't know if more are on the way, but they saved the best two for last if they did. Let's just hope they make the right choice and pick either David or George.

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