Robb Edward Morris & Facebook
Originally posted: August 19, 2011

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

In June 2010, I started Nickelodeon Month. The first induction I did that month was Robb Edward Morris. I chastised him for being stiff, acting and feeling bored about the entire proceedings. I guess some personal bias shown through because I truly enjoyed the show when Lew Schindler was hosting and the contestants were somewhat brighter than what they were in Robb's season. It was a good induction, but little did I know the chain of events that would occur.

A few months after that, I was involved with a fellow trader and I had gotten an episode of Make The Grade with Robb hosting. I didn't know because the person didn't label it as one of his shows. What I saw on that episode was way different from what I saw on the episodes I saw in my collection and on Youtube. He seemed very lively, enjoyed being there, and even cracked a few good jokes. I was wondering where was this Robb in the episodes that I have seen prior. I then thought that this must have been one of his last shows, since he probably had gotten comfortable with his surroundings. Unfortunately for him, the show would be cancelled in 1991 to make way for other shows such as Get The Picture, Nick Arcade, and the Nicktoons in Doug, Rugrats and Ren & Stimpy.

Then a few weeks ago, on my way to check out a room to rent for college, I look at my phone and see that I had a friend request on Facebook. The persons name was Robb Morris. I thought about it a bit and after checking out his page when I got home...It turns out that it was the same Robb Edward Morris that I had inducted a year ago. So, I decided to do the noble thing and accept it. Then almost immediately afterwards, I posted on his wall. The entire conversation is below.

I'm also happy to report that Robb has made an excellent career afterwards. He was in the great movie, China Beach and is now currently in Germany performing in various theatrical shows all over, is engaged to a lovely woman, has a daughter, and is working on a CD with singer J-DA and overall is living a happy and healthy life. It pleases me to see someone who was panned in one thing succeed in what he truly loved to do, which is acting and performing for crowds all over.

It's also here that I should say that he got the Make The Grade gig fresh out of college. So, he was really nervous when he got it, and he said it was "the hardest job I ever did." Well, seeing how he was 22 at the time, I would assume with all the cameras, working with tons of kids every day especially doing 5 shows a day, and having to read at least 30 or so questions per show, I would say that it would be an extremely hard gig. I must admit that I have a newfound respect for Robb. He wasn't discouraged by the mixed reviews that he got, and he pressed on and he's now living a happy and healthy life.

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