100 Inductions And A Thank You
Originally posted: December 17, 2011

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

With 100 inductions on the website after 2 1/4 years. I wonder quite a few things. One is that I must be some sort of masochist to have watched all these bad shows, hosts contestants among others that would make any normal person quit watching the genre. Another one is that I wonder how my life would be much different if I didn't undertake this challenge. I mean, who would want to suffer through show after show of Patrick Wayne's incapable hosting, Pat Bullard's Mullet, Carnie Wilson's pervasiveness, countless stupid contestants, oh and some of the worst concepts and formats ever devised by man. 

But then I decided that it's probably for the best that I take on this challenge. I mean, I love game shows. I love WrestleCrap. So, combining the two loves made it something worth wanting to do. To be honest, I doubt this would have lasted 13 updates, if I didn't have the support of you; the readers of the site. It's your compliments and knowing that you enjoy the site that keep this site going. I've hoped that you guys would enjoy it and will continue to enjoy it throughout the next 100 or so inductions.

Earlier in the week, I got this e-mail from MultiMediaMouth's Chris Nelson and I just want to share it with you guys.

100 inductions eh? Wow. Myself and MultiMediaMouth weren’t in with Rob from the ground floor, Game Show Garbage came into being when Eoin and I were still with Entertainment Newsline, and Robert Q Seidelman, built this site from the ground up by himself, something which is very commendable and takes no little amount of effort. As Rob and I chatted having made acquaintance on what was then called the Official Wrestlecrap Forum (now Freaking Awesome Network or FAN Forum) I thought I would give Game Show Garbage a glance, and immediately saw that the quality in the inductions deserved to have greater exposure and was very glad to be able to offer them a second home on MultiMediaMouth when we got up and running. In scouring the internet looking for potential content for my site, I have looked at a LOT of sites, blogs and the like, and in the Web 2.0 era, there is a lot of very…disposable content out there. Game Show Garbage is the exact opposite of that. The first thing that struck me about the site is Rob’s clear enthusiasm for Game Shows. They’re somewhat denigrated (and very unfairly so) as a medium of television, so to find someone who has real love for a good game show (and of course, contempt for the bad, putting the Garbage in GSG) is something rare in my experience and very much to be appreciated. That enthusiasm would be for nought however, if it weren’t for Rob’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the shows he covers. Hosts, games, announcers, prizes, he knows it ALL. Whenever we do a US vs. UK column for MultiMediaMouth, I am always in awe of the way he can reel off facts about the shows we cover, which always puts my meagre research to shame, it’s impressive, admirable and incredibly important when it comes to writing with authority on a subject, something Rob has in spades. On a personal note, GSG also gave me one of my favourite pictures ever, the infamous ‘Monkey Facepalm’ of High Roller, as well as the line “…returned to the zoo and continued to be a monkey” which never fails to floor me. On it’s own, that picture would ensure my continued patronage of GSG, as well as MultiMediaMouth’s ongoing friendship with Rob. In seriousness though, I would like to finish by stating how impressive it is to reach 100 inductions. So many great ideas fizzle out rapidly on the internet. Enthusiasm, motivation and inclination are all fickle beasts and people just stop writing, so for one person to continue to produce such a high quality (and a constant arc of improvement) across that many articles is truly impressive and something which deserves many plaudits. Rob is someone I’m glad to call a friend and Game Show Garbage is a site I’m delighted to have affiliated with my own. This site is inimitable and should be enjoyed by many more people in the future. Congratulations Rob, and here is to the next 100.

Thank you Chris and folks at MultiMediaMouth. I hope you all continue to enjoy the site and enjoy the big 100th induction!

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