I Met Josh Lewis & Didn't Have to Answer Any Questions
Originally posted: April 29, 2012

By Jim Williams

Allow me to flashback to the summer of 2011. Me and my dear friend Kayla (hey, dear) were out to see a movie at the Cumberland Mall's movie theater in Vineland, NJ. The name of the movie escapes me, but as best as I can remember good times were had by all. The theater is located in the very back of the mall, so we have to drive to the front of the mall to get to the main road that will send us on our merry way home. So, as we're driving back through the mall about to head home I look to my right and see the following.

You know those double takes you see cartoon characters make all the time? Yeah, I made one of those.

Being a media type of person, I figured I'd leave the guys alone and take some pictures on Kayla's camera from a safe distance so as not to disrupt whatever they were doing. Kayla, on the other hand, told me to go up and see what was going on up close and in person. After much goading from her, I did. Let this be a lesson to us all: When a woman suggests you do something, make like Nike and "just do it".

And as such, I got this for my trouble.

L to R: The Beauty, The Badass, and The Beast.

Okay, I'm not a good looking guy to begin with. It was a hot summer day, and I was bumming it. Little did I expect to get my picture taken let alone with a cable television celebrity. Back off! Ahem, sorry.

Anyway, so yeah, I got to briefly say hello to Josh Lewis from "Repo Games".

When we came up to him, he was busy listening to something on his MP3 player (perhaps the questions he was going to ask for the show since he seems like he was deep in thought) and looking badass with a Black 'N Mild in his mouth. But, he was an incredibly nice guy...posing for a picture with us and thanking us for watching the show. Other people went up to him with their kids to get their picture taken with the show's genial yet rugged quizmaster. He was very accommodating to one and all that came near him.

I also briefly talked to one of the production folks and asked him when the season they're shooting would premiere. They gave me a February or March timetable, which wasn't far off from when the second season actually debuted.

For the record, I'm not sure if they were going to tape right there in the parking lot of the mall. There were no fewer than half a dozen vehicles that belonged to the show parked in that area of the mall. For all I know, they may have just wanted some chow between tapings at the Red Lobster or Fat Jack's BBQ. But, rest assured the crew of "Repo Games" was as loose as can be. Heck, at one point they organized a makeshift football game in the parking lot!

All and all, the crew from "Repo Games" are pretty cool folks. They're appreciative of those who have become fans of the show, and hope people enjoy the new season airing right now on Spike. In closing, here are some more photos from my chance encounter with the gang from "Repo Games".




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