Hip Hop Squares - A Review
Originally posted: May 26, 2012

By Cyndi Seidelman

Hip Hop Squares is basically Hollywood Squares just with all rap/hip hop and MTV celebrities in the 9 squares...well, I guess they're not actually squares now since they are in HD now.  To borrow a line from Harry Hill, it's now a rectangular cuboid.  But anyways, aside from that misnomer, the show is exactly what you thought it would be.  Hollywood Squares with rap stars.  Does that mean we have a living breathing full version of In Living Color's East Hollywood Squares?  Nope, instead we have a nice homage to the big box game.

The show itself looks amazing.  The set is a reimagining of the H2 set, but instead of it being gold and red, it's an off-white and platinum looking color.  Another interesting thing about the set is that it uses a lounge atmosphere.  It's posh, clean and just looks awesome. 

The host for the show is Peter Rosenberg, a New York based rap DJ.  He handles himself well and keeps the show under control for the most part.  He lets the stars be the star of the show, along with the contestants and the gameplay.  In short, he does his job damned well. 

The gameplay itself is left untouched.  It's still the same 3 stars in a row, and all that jazz.  A couple of things that they did change for this version is the swapping out of the Secret Square for The G-Spot.  Yeah, there are some overtones here, but that's to be expected for the new setting and the like.  Same rule as the Secret Square, find it and get the question right, you win.  Instead of a prize package or a trip, you win $1,000.  It's cheap nowadays, but since it's on MTV2, it's forgiven.  Same thing with each game being worth $500.  So, think John Davidson terms of payouts.  The bonus game could use a bit more in the payola department, with it only being worth $2,500.  However, it plays out more like Wordplay or Call My Bluff or Balderdash.  A row of celebrities is picked and a question is read.  Each celebrity gives their answer and you must pick the right one.  If right, the money is yours.  I kinda wish they had made that a trip or maybe $5,000 or something more substantial.

Now, the show is usually made or broken on the celebs.  For the most part, the celebs were there to have a good time, crack jokes and everything that made the old squares fun....save for one major problem, and that's MGK aka Machine Gun Kelly.  This guy was more than likely drunk in public or on camera.  He would be all over the place, unintelligable and overall just acting like the horses ass he was when he was at Wrestlemania this past April.  He basically turned us off from the show and took over the show with his antics.  Jim Williams said it best when he looked like the gay love child of Jm J Bullock and Pauly Shore.  I hope he doesn't bring his Cristal guzzling annoying ass back on screen again.

That's basically everything.  Does MGK break the show?  Not entirely, but I have to knock it down a peg or two for horrible casting.  Is it worth a watch?  Absolutely.  Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think.

Final Grade: B.

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