Game Show Garbage Going Forward
Originally posted: February 23rd, 2013

By Cyndi Seidelman

In 2009, Game Show Garbage was launched with myself writing most of the inductions and the Benevolent Webmaster Carl Chenier helping me out with the technical side.  With our website just being the inductions and commentaries, we slowly started building our name and our presence started to grow. 

2010 started the slow build to becoming what we are today with the launch of the message board and our Youtube Channel, but the biggest addition to the website was The Dumb Answer of the Week column.  Originally started by myself, the finding of materials for Dumb Answer of the Week and writing inductions and commentaries became too much, so I brought in the current Dumb Answer of the Week in Jim Williams.  People started to really enjoy the upgraded quality of both the inductions and the Dumb Answer of the Week and started to get a bigger response in 2011 when during the summer we held our first Create An Induction contest where the winner received some great prizes leading up to the 2011 Patrick Wayne Award Voting.  At the end of the year, we celebrated our 100th induction with Big Saturday Night.

2012 started and everything was starting to take shape.  We got an official Facebook Fan Page and later on in the year, we got our own home address at  During the summer of 2012, we debuted yet another column in Mediocre Music TV, written by Wences Acosta.  Delving into a territory that me and Jim knew nothing about, it helped bring more people to the website who aren't big on game shows, but are on American Idol, The X Factor, America's Got Talent and those shows.  When we had our Patrick Wayne Award that year, we saw the closest voting ever by the slim margin of one vote, we had our winner in the Australian Revival of The Price Is Right, which has just been cancelled.  With our big induction of Shoppers Casino, it looked as if we setting a good pace for ourselves.

However, that turned out to not be the case.  2013 started and we had some good mojo going with The Price is Wrong month taking on some needed inductions in Daniel Rosen and Brad Sherwood, but then I made the gigantic mistake of going overboard on the golden road induction, alienating several readers and other fans of the genre.  The backlash was overwhelming, causing my reputation and the sites reputation to reach (pun intended) garbage status.  Various criticisms came from all over either saying that I was dead wrong, never liked game shows to begin with, and most notably, running out of material and stretching a topic.  After talking it over with Carl Chenier and Jim Williams, we have decided on what to do about the websites reputation starting after this weeks induction of Burt Luddin's Love Buffet.

Starting in March, we will no longer have weekly inductions.  Those will be minimized to every two weeks, sometimes 3 depending on how the saturdays line up for that month.  This move will allow us to go deeper for material without having to worry about deadlines and allow myself and the entire staff to do some more fun things with this site.  Jim Williams has already taken this step as you may have surmised by reading this week's Dumb answer of the Week.  He will be going retro for certain weeks to make sure that there's something new for the viewers to read when they come here on Saturday for the update.  Also happening in the Summer, we will have the last of Kids Month, since that well has completely ran dry with the exception of three shows.  Those will be announced on the Game Show Garbage Facebook page. 

Also happening in this summer will be the start of moving Game Show Garbage to a video format.  This will allow more people to check out the site.  With the videos, these will be a big reset on the entire inductions, since for about 20 or so, I was stretching to make them a full-blown induction when they should have just been part of a compilation.  This move will also allow me to go deeper into certain induction that I have done in the past and make them more complete.  I could do more with the inductions for Robb Edward Morris and Skip Lackey if they are in video form with updates to them.  Also look for more new Youtube videos to come in the future in the form of Rapid Reviews of either new game show video games or shows themselves.

More good stuff will come from Game Show Garbage in 2013, including the Patrick Wayne Award, which is also looking to take shape with some already heavy hitters already in the running and new ones coming out in the next few weeks and months.  We will also be doing more variety of inductions with the next one being a Top 5 Reasons induction focusing on Match Game 1998 and why that show failed.  More awfulness that has been requested and suggested over the years will get its due on the site as well.  Hopefully these new moves will help rebuild our reputation and make Game Show Garbage the destination that it was this time last year as a site that we can kick back and laugh at all the crap that we watched from when you were a kid to now and also laugh at the stupid contestants that crashed onto the game show shores.

May the rest of 2013 be awesome for this site.

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