2013 Daytime Emmy Nominations
Originally posted: May 4th, 2013

By Cyndi Seidelman

May 1st saw the nominations for both Best Game Show and Best Game Show Host being released to the public and while the majority are good picks, some leave my head shaking, or me wanting to beat something to death because of it's utter stupidity.  With that said, let's start with Best Game Show

Family Feud: Yay for the show to be given its just due after some of the most amazing growth, ratings wise, in the shows history.  Think about it.  Three years ago, we all were worried that the show could be cancelled.  We then get Steve Harvey and his comedic timing and skill.  Not only that, they utilized Youtube masterfully the past four years and it got more people to watch the show and they should be applauded.

Cash Cab: This has to be some sort of first.  A show that's in reruns in syndication still gets nominated for an emmy.  The show is great, but there should be some sort of rule prohibiting reruns from winning.

Let's Make A Deal: School and other things have precluded me from watching this as much as I would have liked.  Credit goes to great chemistry of Wayne, Jonathan and Tiffany for making the show as amazing as it is.  Not only that, it looks like the venerable show won't be going anywhere soon.

Jeopardy!: It'll never leave this post.  It's basically the only quiz show that matters now, thanks to the masterful hosting and knowing not to mess with perfection.  While I personally do find the show not as exciting as others, it's still good.

The Price Is Right: Drew's Crew have injected some life into this show.  While the execution of new items and ideas can be somewhat spotty such as the Big Money Week, it's still the same Price Is Right as we've grown to love for the past 41 years, just with a new wrapper.

Millionaire: Quite honestly, this might be the last hurrah for the show that has lost its legs when 2009 hit.  Meredith's departure, with a mixed bag format and a soon to be worse host in Cedric might fuel the fire again of the show's imminent demise.  It's sad to see a once great show marred by bad decision after bad decision after bad decision.

Prediction: Family Feud

And now, we get to the hosts.

Steve Harvey (Family Feud): If he doesn't win it this year, it's a shame.  His hosting on this show has reminded people how great the show can be and hasn't seen this level of growth or popularity since the Richard Dawson era.  Just for that alone he should win this year.

Wayne Brady
(Let's Make A Deal): Arguably one of the best new hosts to come out of the past 10-15 years.  Not only that, his excellence in improv has helped him here on this show because they can't have cue cards or teleprompters on this show due to all of the surprises that need to be hidden.  Truly amazing.

Bill Bailey
(Cash Cab): Last time I did this, Bill and Cash Cab swept up both Emmys.  I just don't think that a show that's in reruns but on a different platform should count towards this.  The spot would be better served for someone like Jeff Foxworthy who's helped American Bible Challenge to record viewership for GSN.

Alex Trebek
(Jeopardy!): Nearing retirement in a couple of years, I expect him to be just as sharp as ever.  Helped out by quite a few viral moments this year from the Teen Tournament and the Tournament of Champions winner showing off more swag than ever, he's proven to be a host that just knows the value of comedic timing.

Billy Eichner
(Funny or Die: Billy On The Street): Why?  How in the blue hell did this nimrod get nominated.  Out of all the things that are wrong with this show, he is clearly the worst. He can't host, isn't funny and just reminds us that the only things funny about Funny or Die: Billy On The Street are the commercials that are there to save us from this garbage.  Besides, this was a Wayney finalist last year.  The only reason why it didn't win was that hardly anybody gets FUSE so nobody watched it and Who's Still Standing was still fresh in our minds of being truly terrible.  If he wins, then it's game over.

Prediction: Steve Harvey

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