2013 Daytime Emmy Winners and Thoughts
Originally posted: June 29th, 2013

By Cyndi Seidelman

The Daytime Emmy Awards have come and gone and we have our winners and losers.  Here are some thoughts on the winners and why one of the winners shouldn't have won.

Let's start with the award for Best Game Show.

The Nominees:  Family Feud, The Price Is Right, Millionaire, Let's Make A Deal, Jeopardy! and Cash Cab.
Who I thought would win:  Family Feud
Who Actually Won: The Price Is Right

Thoughts:  This one genuinely shocked me with all the bad press the show had gotten from various sides, whether it was for various lawsuits being lost or loud complaints about how the quality of the show isn't as crisp as it was in prior seasons to a Big Money Week that fell flat on its face with one of the worst executions of what should have been an easy one to do, and it makes you wonder why didn't any of the other shows win.  I'm guessing the academy isn't thrilled at the PG-ification that Feud has undergone over the past three years with Steve Harvey and his style of comedy, or how Jeopardy! and his most talked about moment was from an arrogant punk of a Teen Tournament champion, or how Millionaire has lost not only its identity but it's luster, or how a show that is in permanent reruns in syndication could take it from Price.  Let's Make A Deal could have been easily put in the running, but the academy probably didn't want to make the night seem all about Monty Hall with his Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance that night.  Either way, in Price's defense, it's still fun to watch, despite some mishaps, lawsuits and what Eric Bischoff calls "A vocal, but very small minority".

Now to the Best Game Show Host award and my thoughts.

The Nominees:  Ben Bailey (I accidently called him Bill in the prior commentary), Steve Harvey, Wayne Brady, Alex Trebek, and Billy Eichner (Seriously, why?)
Who I thought would win:  Steve Harvey
Who Actually Won: Ben (Don't call him Bill) Bailey

Thoughts:  While Billy should have never been nominated at all, Ben should have never won because of his show over the past TV season being all reruns.  I know there was another example of this with Allen Ludden winning the Daytime Emmy after Password was cancelled on ABC in 1975 and winning the award in 1976, but there's no comparison between Ben Bailey and Allen Ludden. There truly needs to be a rule that you can only be nominated, either as a host or a show that you must have had at least one brand new episode that TV Season.  So, that would immediately disqualify any shows that are in reruns, no matter if they are new to syndication.  That's like giving a sitcom the Best Sitcom award to a show that's getting new life in syndication via reruns after being cancelled. 

Those are my thoughts and I hope Steve Harvey and Family Feud do win the 2014 Daytime Emmy for best Game Show Host and Best Game Show respectively.

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