Review: Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Perfect Store
Originally posted: July 20th, 2013

By Cyndi Seidelman

On July 16th, The CW debuted two new shows: One was a revival, and the other is a new show from Scott St. John combining the dating genre and his biggest hit of all time.  Let's take them in order, shall we?

Whose Line Is It Anyway?:  If you liked the Drew Carey episodes, you'll like these episodes as well.  There really isn't anything different from this version than the Drew Carey version save for three things:  A new format to do improv in a "Top View" room where the contestants lie down and improv a scene where the type of scene changes ala Film & Theater Styles.  There's a special guest that's used more often than they were used in the Drew Carey episodes, and there's Aisha Tyler herself.  Aisha is a serviceable host, but doesn't seem to gel with the gang.  Time will fix this, as they did the UK version where Clive Anderson was super-stiff in the first season before becoming more outgoing as the show progressed.  I have good faith in this version as it retains the original Whose Line style with a new flare for the Millennial crowd that watch the show.  I will be watching on Tuesdays, and I hope you will too.

Grade: A-

Perfect Score:  Here's the shorthand version of this show - Combine Deal Or No Deal, with Man O Man and The Choice.  If that combination doesn't make you cringe already, then I don't know what to tell you.

Here's how the game works.  Two friends compete in a game of compatibility and love.  They are shown 10 Bachelors-Bachelorettes who are worth a varying amount of cash a la Deal Or No Deal and their briefcases, depending on how compatible they are with via a certain test (think OKCupid and those dating sites).  The first round has each contestant being shown 5 of the 10 and given a 15 second intro about them, which usually just end in a cheesy pickup line. After each set of 5, the contestants each pick one to eliminate.  After each elimination, they reveal how much they were worth.  Round 2 is a one on one where each contestant and picks two to answer a question.  They pick one to stay and one to go.  They keep on doing this until they are left with 4.  The third round is a challenge round where they have to perform a certain stunt to impress the contestants.  Afterwards, the two combine to get rid of one more woman.  Finally, they pick the one out of the three who they feel that they are most compatible with i.e. worth the most money for them.  The person who picks the most compatible wins the cash and the date.  That's the rules in a nutshell.  Quite honestly, it's a mess and the host is just there.  She tries to inject some humor in these proceedings, but they often fall flat and come off forced.  I'd be perfectly content not to see this again, and quite frankly it's being bumped in two weeks by a new show in Capture.  Do yourself a favor and avoid this next week.

Grade: D-

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