Doing The Math on the Plinko Special
Originally posted: September 28th, 2013

By Cyndi Seidelman

Season 42 of The Price Is Right wrapped up on Friday and we saw two big developments on the show.  The first one was the debut of a brand new game in "Do The Math" and the second one was the much hyped All-Plinko special.  Reactions to the new game were genuinely positive whereas the reactions to the All-Plinko special were mixed at best.  Here are my takes on both.

Do The Math:  A new quickie game played for two prizes.  The contestant is shown a number on chalkboard monitor and the contestant has to guess whether the value of the first prize plus or minus the dollar amount given equals the amount of the second prize.  If correct, they win both prizes, plus the cash in the middle.  It's a fun quickie game that is basically Add 'em Up done right.  It's simple, and those who are terrible at math can grasp the concept.  I heard that some people are comparing this game to Magic #, but while that game has hundreds of possible right answers, this game only has one.  I hope to see this game go for a long time.
Grade: B+

The Plinko Special:  I'll admit.  I was a bit skeptical when the news of this special broke, but after watching it, I admit that I was entertained by it.  Sure it was overkill, but they varied it up without taking away any of the drama about it.  The first couple of players stunk at it, with one getting the goose-egg, but the rest of the playings were fun to watch.   It also could be seen as a compilation of various playings from the past few seasons.  Some great, some ok, some downright awful and some were just plain unlucky.  It was fun to watch, but the concept of doing 1-game only days is not palatable.  I can't think of any other games that would work with this concept, with the exception of Cliffhangers.  Plinko will always be popular, but we don't need another one.
Grade: B-

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