Random Thoughts of Randomness: The Randoming
Originally posted: November 22nd, 2013

By Cyndi Seidelman

Sometimes I have lots of current game show thoughts swirling in my head, that I don't really have the concentration to write out a long blurb about it.  So, I take those interesting bits and pieces and turn them into a commentary so I can get them out and experience a joy of actually doing something more than just inductions.  Are you ready?  Then let's get cracking with more Random Thoughts of Randomness with the part that got me inspired to do this column.

File this one under stupid tweets.  On Monday, while surfing Facebook during break from school, I stumble upon this post, "MT @DutchBoy "@CityOfStad @BobHagh It's never been the host's job to let the contestant know he needs to do something. It's up to producers."  I wanted to just yell at my screen the following.  "THAT'S HIS JOB!  THAT'S WHAT A HOST DOES, YOU MYOPIC IMPUTENT DESPIT!"  Think about it.  Imagine if Gene Rayburn just stood there and read his questions and didn't interact and ask for the contestants answers or the panelist answers or even talk to the contestants and panelists at all.  Imagine if Alex Trebek didn't call on the contestants to answer or even do anything on Jeopardy?  The only time I can even remotely remember something that the idiot above suggests is on 100%, and that show was not only really boring, but it was one of the worst game shows from the 1990s.  The main point remains the same, @DutchBoy is a gigantic idiot.

Now to something super happy for me.  GSN has picked up reruns of Shop Till You Drop to start on December 2nd to start at 4:00pm Eastern/1:00pm Pacific.  This eliminates Karn Feud in the morning and moves the afternoon run to 5:00pm, bumping O'Hurley from that timeslot.  Shop till You Drop was one of my childhood favorites and I'm glad to see it come back.  I really can't comprehend why I love this show so much, even though at its core it's a mediocre stunt show, pedestrian quiz and an end game that is the Jack Barry/Dan Enright style of Get X amount before you Y style all rolled into one.  But when you meld it all together with Pat Finn's odd hosting style and Dee Baker's stupid dressup styling, it works better than about 80% of other game shows out there.  Another reason why I recommend everyone watches this is because it's a litmus test to see if they get Supermarket Sweep, seeing how this was their sister show for Lifetime and PAX runs.  It's the same thing people said about Sale on GSN, watch it and they'll get more.  Well, people tuned in and we got more Sale in the syndicated episodes starting on Black Friday and permanently on December 2nd as well as the return of Blockbusters to GSN.

One last thought I have is a short one.  I want to see more classic game shows on DVD.  It was great to see Match Game, Family Feud, Password and The Price Is Right get really good boxed sets, but there is so much more that would work well, even 2nd edition sets of the above titles.  What's My Line, To Tell The Truth, Card Sharks, and the various Pyramid Incarnations would lend themselves to great sets, each being 3 or 4 discs full of great moments and even greater memories.  It won't ever happen again, but it would be nice to see.

And my thoughts of randomness are now gone.  Hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving.

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