Game Show Garbage: 2014 And Beyond
Originally posted: December 7th, 2013

By Cyndi Seidelman

2013 saw some changes on the site as far as you can see, some pre-planned and some that were put into motion because of events that saw the site hit bottom with a few missteps that caused the reputation of this site to go from genuinely favorable to a site that became mixed because of an ill-prepared induction that caused a lot of controversy.  Needless to say, that event caused a lot of stuff to go into motion.  The following months saw the site go from updating weekly with new inductions to every other week to make sure the site still had material, and more video inductions started to take place.  Not only that, most of the theme months have gone away.  Love Sucks Month, Kid's Month have been retired and the last induction of December will be last years Patrick Wayne Award Runner Up, so that hints to the last induction of 2013.  There will also be more changes to the site that I would like to bring to your attention right now.

2014 starts an expansion of Game Show Garbage.  We will be bringing in new writers for non-game show items to keep the site going.  In January, we'll be starting up VGG aka Video Game Garbage and the writer for that new section is Kyle Joyner.  Kyle is a long-time gamer and puts on events at Clover Park Technical College for the TV Room in Lakewood, WA.  His biggest interest is Pokemon and loves Jigglypuff.  He will be working on written inductions of games that really missed the mark in some way, shape or form.  His first video game induction will be posted on the website January 11th.

Next up is the acquisition of Tooncrap to Game Show Garbage.  Raymond Gallant, the writer for that site will be coming to the site to continue his webseries he started in 2010.  His next write-up will start on January 11th on the site and will be adding revamped older write-ups of his on the 25th.  Raymond has written for the website Freakin' Awesome Network with his serieses, Rapidly Reviewing Reboot and Playing With Power.  His experience is a great addition to the website.

Wences Acosta will be back in 2014 with Mediocre Music TV, but this time the focus changes from the music competitions on TV to just music in general, especially giving his thoughts on recent albums.  Hopefully you will enjoy that return.

In 2014, we hope to expand further, maybe with a current wrestling section or a movie writer, but those are all still in the pre-planning stages.  Let's hope this new expansion makes 2014 a great year for this site and everyone who reads it and writes for it. 

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