Review: Celebrity Family Feud & Battlebots
Originally posted: June 22nd, 2015

By Cyndi Seidelman

ABC dropped two new shows on us, both revivals of shows from the 2000s.  One was a great replacement for the UK show and the other being something that we'd have liked to be replaced by a void of nothingness.  So let's talk about both Celebrity Family Feud and Battlebots.

Celebrity Family Feud:  WE GONNA PLAY STEVE! Except with celebrities and somehow retains about 75% of the charm, which is absolutely perfect for this.  The celebrities are about the same level of intelligence as the usual families on the syndicated version and the addition of Burton Richardson in the beginning is a much better touch than the joeyfatoneintro.mp3 in every episode of the syndicated version.  The game is exactly the same, and with two complete games per hour is really far as primetime game shows go and $25,000 for winning fast money for charity is good too.  If I do have a minor complaint is that they too easily go for the YouTube Viral Video style questions too easily.  But then again, it's a celebrity show, so it's a minor complaint.  I do love Steve Harvey, I love the current run, and more of it is good for me in my book
Rating: A-

Battlebots:  I wasn't a dedicated Battlebots watcher back in the day, but I do love Robot Wars from the 90s.  So, I went in with this show with lower expectations.  Either way, I was highly entertained.  It was good to see Chris Rose back doing some form of commentary and he showed passion during it, especially during the last fight where one of the mini-bots got absolutely destroyed.  If you like Robots beating the crap out of each other, and you enjoy good commentary, then this is the show for you.  I absolutely love how it's all set up to be a real legitimate sport rather than the farce it was made out to be in the fifth and final season of Battlebots.  It's also well worth your time and makes a great companion piece to Celebrity Family Feud.
Rating: A-

There ya go.  Two excellent shows that are well worth your time.  Will BOOM! carry on with this or will it be yet another FOX disappointment?

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