Game Show Garbage: The Final Two Months & The Rest Of 2015
Originally posted: July 26th, 2015

By Cyndi Seidelman

Well, it's two months out before the final regular episode of Game Show Garbage will be put out and that will be the 2014-2015 Patrick Wayne Award Winner.  It has been a long ride, but I'm thankful for those who have watched the videos and read the inductions, commentaries, dumb answers of the week, the new Tooncrap articles and also the short-lived Mediocre Music TV and Video Game Garbage.  This doesn't mean that the website will be going away into the netherrealm of the internet. 

Over the next few months, we will still be home to Tooncrap and the last five Game Show Garbage inductions.  Those Five inductions are The Top Five Worst Whose Line UK Panelists, Millionaire's Clock Format, Queen For A Day & the Fifties Exploitation Craze and the two Patrick Wayne Award Winners.  In October, we will get back to doing The Games Of '90 on a monthly basis, starting with The Challengers.  Also on the website will be a new section called Mega Reviews.  These will be videos reviewing various things in the Mega Man franchise done by myself.  I will be starting off reviewing the first Mega Man game and going on to either other games or episodes of the 90s carton series or even the NT Warrior series.  Either way, it should be fun.

I want to thank those who helped out with Game Show Garbage over the years with inductions, new columns, the GSG Presents among others.  Those include Andrew Hersh, Mike Klauss, Brian Henegar, Matthew Wojis, Andrew Mora, Aaron Levinger, Wences Acosta, Kyle Joyner, Jim Williams, Carl Chenier, Jason Block, Chico Alexander, David Downs, The Hardcore Kid, Kim Justice, Jessica Brand, Lonness Valenna, among others out there.  There will be more things coming in the future and that will be announced in the weeks to come. 

Until then, I am Robert Seidelman.  I will be hard at work on getting that Worst Whose Line UK Panelists list going and up into August 1st.  Goodbye, everyone.

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