Updated: June 21st, 2019

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You voted for it and you got it! The latest induction is coming out of the hopper...

And it's here! National Bingo Night gets inducted!

Speaking of that, there's a commentary available on the future of inductions and why it is bleak. It has to do with my feelings on certain aspects of the fandom.

Also available for perusal is the latest from Marc Power and his Games O'Canada series. This time out he tackles his very first triple play all dealing with the topic of Charades. He reviews It's Your Move, followed by Party Game and finally Acting Crazy. Check out the trifecta of reviews now!

Also up is the latest installment of Game Show Gumbo! See the highlights from Mental Samurai and Jeopardy with their Teachers Tournament and the lowlights from Mental Samurai and The Price Is Right in the commentaries section!

The news going through the game show world is the cancellation of Millionaire. After 20 years on the air it has left us. It has also given me the drive to finally finish one of the most teased inductions in the sites history!

The Origin of Millionaire's Demise...The Clock Format! Check it out now!

Also is the return of The Games Of '90 and on there is the Wink Martindale/Barry & Enright/Global Network/USA joint, Bumper Stumpers! Check it out now!

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