Updated: March 9th, 2019

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We return to our main arc of bad Family Channel game shows and we have the show that was paired up with Wait Til You Have Kids!

Wil Shriner rapid fires off many bad jokes and the producers are super cheap on Small Talk! Check it out in a new induction.

More commentaries than you can shake a stick at! The first one is a brand new series called Post Mortem. This series looks at recently cancelled shows and see if they deserved to be cancelled whether via quality or ratings. The first one is a bit of a heartbreaker as Cyndi and Jordan Hass look at the demise of Love Connection! Also, the second half of James Fabiano's Top 10 Surreal Rerun moments is up. What are his top 5 moments? The commentaries are the only way to find out!

Games O'Canada is back and this time we're playing some board games! Join us as Marc Power takes a look at the Radio Canada show Wizz! How is it? Check the Games O'Canada section and find out!

It's our third Games Of '90 in the span of 5 weeks and it also begins the march to the end for The Games Of '90. This time we talk about the last show hosted by Gene Rayburn and that is The Movie Masters. Check that one out in the Games Of '90 Section.

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