Updated: August 18th, 2019

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It's The Final Wayney Award! We have five nominees for the award and it's up to you to vote on who gets it! Click on the statue or go to http://www.gameshowgarbage.com/wayney2019.html to find out the nominees and vote!

It's the 20th anniversary of the Primetime Game Show Boom that started it all with Millionaire. So it's only apt that we talk about one of the worst ripoffs to Millionaire.

Yes leave it to FOX and the Aussies to come up with this. It's Your Chance Of A Lifetime is inducted!

In the Commentaries is a brand new Gumbocast filled with stats, news, and more stats! It's a statapalooza! Check that out now!

To wash that bad taste out, we go up north to the Games O'Canada where Marc Power gets to spend one last day on vacation. He does it by telling a tale of redemption via the name of Robin Ward. Does he do well with Guess What or is it a cementing of a bad host legacy? Check it out now and find out!

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