Updated: November 5th, 2018

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More new stuff that has made its way to the site! First up, a brand new Games O'Canada is here as Marc Power takes a look at one of Jim Perry's longest running shows! Check out his review and look back at Headline Hunters!

Next in the commentaries is a review and discussion about the latest Double Dare endeavor: Double Dare Live!  Cyndi is joined by two people who went to the big event in their local areas in Game Show News Net's Chico Alexander and YouTuber SmashWhammy.

 We have a brand new Games Of '90 and it's one show that I completely forgot about while here. So, we put Scrabble on ice for the next month and focus on Vin Di Bona's first foray into taking Japanese shows and turning them into ABC hits: Animal Crack-ups!

New Induction Time once again here at Game Show Garbage! So, what happens when you take one of the best shows in Japanese TV history and decide to Americanize it to the point where it makes the Ghost In The Shell movie with Scarlette Johannsen seem watchable?

You get King of the Mountain! Check out the brand new induction now!

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