Updated: September 11th, 2017

(Voting for Viewer's Choice: Horror Edition is up right now.  Just click on Viewer's Choice to head to the link. Inductions from WOF: Family Edition onward are updated.  The Golden Fanbois induction is deleted and won't be returning to the site anytime soon. It was a terrible induction in poor taste and I fully regret it. I need to build bridges rather than burn them.)

The voting is over for the Wayney and this years winner is........

SAVE TO WIN! The show will get its awaited induction on Game Show Garbage from myself and Jessica Brand by the end of the month!

Speaking of Game Show Garbage...It's one of the most requested shows that I ever do and now it gets its just due....


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Dumb Answer of the Week is back after a long hiatus! This time we're taking it back to the classics with a Yodely Guy Suicide.  How did it happen? Check it out at the Dumb Answer of the Week section.

It's a salute to Geoff Edwards this time out on The Games Of '90 as we take a look at his grand return to the show that made him a star in Jackpot! Check out how good the show was and the terrible way the show ended in a brand new video!

Game Show Garbage will have something special for Year 9 and that is all inductions will be Viewers Choice.  On September 1st, we'll have a new poll up for October and the theme will be Horror.  All the proposed inductions will have a horror tinge to it or something based on Halloween.  Also in September as previously announced is the return of Dumb Answer of the Week with new columnist Jessica Brand.  We look forward to what she brings to the table.

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