Updated: January 13th, 2019

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It's the glorious return of one of the fan favorites: The Games Of '90! After a long hiatus, we finally give you the show that everyone's been waiting for since May - Scrabble! Check it out right now!

In the commentaries, we have yet another return: Current Game Show Reviews! This time Cyndi and Game Shows I Suppose podcaster Jordan Hass spend a half hour talking about and cracking wise about one of the biggest hits of the season: The Masked Singer! Check it out in a new video in the commentaries!

In a shock, Buzzr announced that the Joe Garagiola version of Strike It Rich would be posted to Amazon Prime. Little did we know that one week after the announcement, it would be posted. You'll get my thoughts on the implications of the show and my thoughts on Strike It Rich after bingewatching the episodes in a new commentary.

The first video of 2019 is up and it's a brand new Games O'Canada! Marc Power pulls yet another double as he talks about the Liars Club in Canada aka The New Liars Club and the show's spiritual spinoff, The Next Line. Check it all out in the Games O'Canada section.

It's our early Christmas Present from us to you!

The christmas poem Twas the Night Before Christmas: Game Show Garbage style! Twas The Worst Fast Money Ever Is up as our latest induction!

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