Updated: August 5, 2020
(Doing some HTML cleanup work, mostly.)

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This is it. The final induction...and it's a tag team affair as Jessica Brand helps me take on the final Wayney Winner.


The Fall of HQ is up and running in a brand new induction...which is part of the Gumbocast.

Speaking of The Gumbocast, all of the latest episodes are up on the commentaries, as well as the latest episodes of Game Show Gumbo. Not only that, the list people have asked me to do: The Worst Inductions I sat through. The Top 5 is on the commentaries as well

Lastly, one of our favorite new spots in Games O'Canada is continuing with another Quebecois show in Les Satellipopettes: A Kids Show featuring putting together a robot among other cool things. Check it out now!

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