Updated: September 16th, 2019

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The count is now down to 2. It's now time to talk about a pilot that felt like an absolute punch to the soul.


The Card Sharks pilot from 1996 makes its way onto Game Show Garbage! Read all about it in a new induction!

Also on the hit parade is a brand new Gumbocast! Jordan Hass joins Cyndi Seidelman this go-round to talk about Buzzr Lost and Found, the cancellation of Double Dare, Mike Richards replacing Harry Friedman and more! Not only that, I've been asked about inductions that I was working on but never finished or that got away from me when I decided to end Game Show Garbage. Both these things will be in the commentaries.

Our friend up north in Marc Power is back with a brand new Games O'Canada! This time around we take a look at a show that was supposed to take place last year but had to be held back due to...well, I'll let the video speak for itself. It's time to chase down a historical production in TimeChase!

Well, the votes are in, they have been properly ajudicated and the winner of the final Wayney vote is....

The Fall of HQ! The induction will be up on the website on September 30th.

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