Updated: February 19th, 2018

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Thanks to everyone who voted in January's Viewers Choice poll. It was one of the closest competitions that we've had in a long time. The winner of the poll, by a scant few votes and that's Bob Eubanks last Network game show...

...the Relationship Edition poll winner: FAMILY SECRETS! See why it earned its honor in a brand new induction.

Brand new Commentary is up on the website this fine day as WatchMojo put out a brand new Game Show Scandals video. I take to my commentary section to tell them what that word actually means and if any of the selections they put are actually scandals.

We have a big update! First thing that you'll see is more buttons up top with one of them being the new home of the Viewers Choice Polls with the next one being in March. Also up there is the brand new section of Games O'Canada! This section is dedicated to all of the Canadian game shows out there and we welcome brand new columnist Marc Power into the fold! He will be your guide to all things Canadian!

Also up on the site now is a brand new Games Of '90 and it has to do with the third show Alex Trebek did during this time period: Classic Concentration! Check out the recap of all the rebus goodness in the new video in the Games Of '90 Section.

Also up is a brand new Dumb Answer of the Week featuring a lesson in how not to play It's In The Bag on The Price Is Right! You can check that out in the Dumb Answer of the Week section.

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