Updated: May 18th, 2018

If you'd like to support the site and be able to choose what goes on all the Viewers Choice polls we'll have, you can become a Patreon Supporter of ours! Go to www.patreon.com/gameshowgarbage and support the site! Even as little as $1 would help go a long way towards helping out with the production of this site,the videos and other things we have lined up for the future! 

I am still going through some rotator cuff issues, so updates are not going to be as often as I would like. Hopefully, I will feel better soon so that more will be coming.

Game Show Garbage is back up and running and this time we take a look at something from the UK that made its way onto our shores, but we got the better version!

Let's take a look at 101 Ways To Fall Asleep....I'm sorry. 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow is here as a brand new induction!

It's time for a brand new Viewers Choice poll! This time we thank all of our Patreon backers by giving them all the power! All four shows that are on the poll are selected by them without any intereference by myself or anybody else on Game Show Garbage. Check out the Viewers Choice tab and see what they selected and vote for what you would most like to see!

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