The Plan For The Rest Of Season 9 At Game Show Garbage

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

The last month at Game Show Garbage has been kinda bumpy at best. On a personal front, I have dealt with both the rotator cuff issue as well as a bad molar which has made anything a new level in pain. All those things have left me really tired and helped slow things down to a bit of a crawl. However, the reason you're not seeing the scheduled induction for March has to do with another issue that I am facing: Copyright.

On April 2nd, the video for Top 5 Worst Moments From Hell's Kitchen Season 2 went up on YouTube. Immediately, there was a copyright claim from Video Labs DRM. The video wasn't taken down, but ads were placed on it by them. I was cool with this because I rarely put ads on the YouTube videos themselves unless I know it isn't breaking copyright, such as the 8-Bit Boys Of Summer videos. Also, they did the same thing with the Season 3 Hell's Kitchen video, so it was fine by me. The next day, I get an e-mail from YouTube saying that someone has claimed Copyright and decided to do a DMCA takedown of it and give the Game Show Garbage YouTube channel a Copyright strike. What gets me is that the person that claimed it isn't FOX or ITV or anybody that owns the rights to Hell's Kitchen. It was a complete troll and YouTube bit hard on the troll. So I'm fighting with that currently. But that isn't the only copyright harang.

The previous Games Of '90 video has been going through the same harangs, but with Fremantle themselves. The video I used is a critique of the 1990 version of Let's Make A Deal, which is covered under fair use rules. Fremantle didn't think so and thus issued a block. After appealing the block, the appeal was denied by Fremantle and thus a takedown notice was issued. It was either take it down from YouTube or get my second copyright strike, which would mean that the entire channel could be in danger of being shut down. So, I need to make some changes to how the videos get uploaded.

The option that I think is the best for right now is Vimeo, since it has a better player and has a much clearer way to upload videos, moreso than Dailymotion. This is where the Let's Make A Deal Games Of '90 video is being housed. So, that would mean spending the $12 a month to buy Vimeo Plus to have more space and thus starting to get more people to watch the videos there than on YouTube. Once the YouTube channel gets shut down, and I have a strong feeling that's the way it might go, all videos that I have saved on my hard drive will be put up on Vimeo. It will be a slow process, but I hope it all works out. So, please support Game Show Garbage by becoming a Patreon backer to help fund the transfer and to also help us make more content.

So, that's the major plans, the rest of the plan for season 9 is to finish The Games Of '90. There are only a few shows left. There's Scrabble, Family Feud, American Gladiators, Clash, Bumper Stumpers and The Challengers. Either way, those will be uploaded by the schedule and a new series will take its place in October. Also coming up are more entries to Games O'Canada and more Dumb Answers of the Week are coming. The next Viewers Choice Poll will be up in May for a Patreon's Pick poll where if you're a Patreon Backer, you get to choose what goes on the poll and ONLY patreon backers get to pick what goes on it. Inductions for May and July are already planned out. August's induction will be the last Viewers Choice Poll and will feature all Past Wayney Nominees.

Once again, I thank everyone for their patience and I hope this is just only a small bump on the road to a better Game Show Garbage.

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