YouTube Demonetization & What You Can Do To Help

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

There are many ways that Game Show Garbage survives and even thrives. One of the ones that we had was monetization on YouTube videos. Some were on our own volition for videos that don't have any current copyright holdings or any videos regarding video games, such as the Nickelodeon Guts induction or the 8-Bit Boys of Summer videos. The money that we get from the ads on YouTube helps pay for things that we use to keep the site going. It wasn't much but it was enough so that myself, Jessica Brand and Carl Chenier to pay for the webspace thta we need to keep the site alive, and also pay for our cable or satellite bills so that we can watch all the current stuff so we could keep you abreast on what's going on...or it did until a couple months ago.

Thanks to the recent bout of Adpocolypse on YouTube, they have since started demonetizing people left and right for various reasons. One reason is "Reused Content." Reused Content, according to them is using other footage for any purpose whatsoever.  This was the reason I was given for having the Game Show Garbage YouTube channel demonetized. To be honest, I do use other footage besides myself talking for review/induction purposes. Games Of '90 or Dumb Answer of the Week wouldn't be the same if it were just me or Jessica talking about it. Not only that, you wouldn't know what we would be talking about without the footage from the shows. It does seem like that's what YouTube wants nowadays: People just talking in Vlog form with pictures and edits that cut out even the slightest breath in between sentences.

It's not just me that's feeling the pain from this. Apparently, they are really going after some of the older forms of video reviewers. You may recall Hardcore Kid from the Think Fast induction and also the beginning of the Moment of Truth induction. He's been doing the reviewer business for longer than I have, video wise. He found out earlier this month that he was demonetized because of "Reused Content." Then came the news about one of the bigger name reviewers in the game in Diamanda Hagan. She's been making videos since 2008 or so. I remember seeing her stuff years ago and she's still cranking out quality content. Earlier this week, she was dumped by her network because she got demonetized because of "Reused Content."

It's looking like they are going after reviewers simply because they can't get them on Fair Use anymore, so they will do this to sidestep that argument of ad revenue and just say Screw You to reviewers. Most reviewers use the ad revenue to fund their videos and help make them better. With this going away, there's little left. So, how can people help reviewers that they like? Well, quite a few of them have Patreon accounts, such as myself. Look up your favorite reviewer and if they have a Patreon, donate to it. Even something as little as $1 helps them out and gives them the drive to keep on going. For instance, Game Show Garbage has a Patreon. So, if you want to help support this site and the videos we make, go to and become a backer. Most reviewers have tiers that give you more perks and stuff for higher donations. If they have a website that has ads on it, go to their site and whitelist the site from adblockers. They will at least get some benefits from it too.

So that is my two cents on demonetization. Hopefully you'll support us and support other reviewers who got caught up in this "Reused Content" excuse that YouTube is pulling.

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