Inducted Out

Text by: Cyndi Seidelman

Over the years I've seen the game show fandom get more and more cynical and more negative. After lots of thought, I feel that Game Show Garbage has contributed to a lot of the cynicism and negativity. While I've done more positive reviews with The Games Of '90 and in the commentaries and Game Show Gumbo, I can't help but think the inductions stick out like a sore thumb. It's gotten to the point where I've gotten tired of doing Game Show Garbage and I've come to announce this.

Game Show Garbage is ending in September, and that will be Induction #255. I've kinda planned to have Game Show Garbage be like the Rupee counter in The Legend of Zelda: Maxing out at 255 and can't go any higher and that will be it. I do have the rest of the stuff planned out including the last Family Channel induction. It's a mix of burnout from doing all of these shows and moments and wanting to focus more on things that make me happy and could share that with others.

Namely Game Show Gumbo makes me happy and being able to share with others great moments from shows the viewers may have missed.  The plan in October is to turn that into a twice a month endeavor that with enough support via Patreon and other sources, will become a weekly thing.  What also will be happening is more streams on Twitch under my handle of sigmafan. This will start in July with runs of Dragon Warrior Randomizer, Super Metroid: A Link To The Past Randomizer, among other things to be played. Hopefully that will be just as well received as other times i have streamed.

What won't change is Games O'Canada as that will still be constantly updated with Marc Power still cranking them out monthly as he want to do. Also not changing is the name of the site until July 2020 because of how the domain renews in July. The inductions will be on the site still, but under the Game Show Garbage heading instead of just inductions. Also not changing is finishing up The Games of '90. That will wrap up around August/September. It'll be a fitting end to that era.

I'd like to thank those that enjoyed the inductions over the years, but it's time for a change. Hopefully I can make change with Game Show Gumbo and expand the audience and get more people into game shows by showing them just how good they can be. With enough support and improving the productions values to something in the range of 2 figures, the big goal is to get Game Show Gumbo on television. Hopefully this idea works out.

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