Video Game Garbage: An Introduction, Part 1
Written by Kyle Joyner

Greetings everyone, my name is Kyle and I am one of the newest additions to the Game Show Garbage family. My writings will be about retro video games (and perhaps the occasional newer game), covering everything from bad things in good games and games that are just plain bad. I can generally keep an open mind about games, even if they are ones that I adore.

A little about myself: I am a gamer of some merit and a beginner level game designer, gaming has been my passion for a long time, I have been playing them for as long as i can remember. Over the years I have played many games, anything from blockbusters to the lackluster. I am a retro gamer by heart, but I will still play anything new.

My opinions toward any retro game can be large, even for games that are bad, I can still find what is good about them. Most people won’t give some games a try because they have a bad rep, but to weigh the opinions and show what is truly wrong with these bad games and maybe even show what is good about them too, that is my purpose here today.

Any opinion I have about something should be taken as my own thoughts and not to reflect any other party. With that said, I have an article for you all today.

“What is bad about this game?” is a general statement that most people ask themselves when they pick up a game for the first time. Most issues that a game can suffer from are things involving but are not limited to: The Story, The Graphics, The Game Mechanics, The Characters and in the rare instance the console it is being played on *cough cough* the cd-i *cough cough*.

Now there are games that some people find to be absolutely horrid, but yet others enjoy. Which according to said people they would classify them as “bad” such as zelda II. Most games if not all at some point will be called bad because the people playing them don’t like them for any of their attributes. When it comes down to it the term “bad” is only an opinion and should be treated as such.

So this is where the train stops tonight everyone. My next step into the insight of the bad world of video gaming will be soon.