VGG: Zelda II - The Adventure Of Link
Written by Kyle Joyner

Good day, ladies and gents. My apologies for this being so slow to make I have been busy with the Pokémon TCG. On with the show!

Taking a look at things past, today our topic is going to be on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Since this game had bad press about it, especially when you compare it to the first game in the series.

What I have noticed through the years is that every time you mention this game to a “hardcore gamer” most of them reply that it was one of the worst games they have ever played (or in most cases heard of because they won’t play it.). Many things can be said about Zelda II, from the way the game played to the point the story that the game was telling. Back when the first Zelda title was the only game out, some people were skeptical to the new style of game play because sure, we had Adventure on the Atari, but this time was a more full and robust adventure so people played it and coveted it as a masterpiece. Then sometime later the developers wanted to expand their ideas, since Mario took off so well they added some platforming elements to the new game.

When Zelda II hit the shelves people were excited to play a new Zelda game since they all enjoyed the first one, but many people could not embrace the changes that the series took. From a top down adventure title to a 2D side-scrolling platformer rpg adventure game, the changes took many people by surprise. Most people did not know what to think of this, but with it being the second game in the series, there would be room for “improvement”. As time went on, the team at Nintendo started making more games, and eventually new Zelda titles were released. In which all the other games followed the old Zelda formula, up until the 3D titles made their way into the market.

With all of these new games coming into the market, it left behind the games of yesterday, and placing Zelda II in an awkward state of limbo. By the end of the Nintendo 64’s lifecycle most people didn’t even know that Zelda II existed or for those who did were unsure what to think of it because the internet can be a cruel place.

While there are many naysayers, this game can be a delightful experience if you take it for what it is and not compare it to anything else. Zelda II does it’s own thing and is certainly worth a try. Many years ago it was labeled as a bad game when in actuality it provides a new way to play an old classic. Now sure the game is strange because you have to get exp and level up, I'm pretty sure it also feels weird to have Link jump and don’t get me started about the Thunderbird. There are some elements in this game that feel strange because it was the developers first time making a game like this with a series that was popular for its other merits. Playing this game to enjoy for what it did good can be a worthwhile experience.

So just because someone says something is bad doesn’t mean it is bad. Unless it’s Superman 64. That game will always be bad.