VGG: Superman 64
Written by Kyle Joyner

The 90’s were a prosperous time for gamers. Console gaming was achieving new heights. for most game development companies this meant more ways to make new IPs but toward the end of the millennium and y2k slowly approaching our doorstep, let us look at something that was nearly as bad as the end of technology. The year is 1999 and games have taken numerous leaps and bounds but nothing prepared us for this speeding bullet. So I present to you, Superman 64.

When you hear someone mention bad games, you would think of E.T. among other games but game developer Titus decided to take this to the next level. Enter the man of steel, in this game he is stuck in a virtual metropolis and Lex is throwing everything he's got at superman. yes, everything from floating ring obstacle courses and unmanned cars. Lex has it all. Throughout the various stages of the game you are tasked with completing these various objectives or that is what you would be doing if you could actually control your hero properly.

Like kryptonite to Superman, this game too leaves us drained and helpless. There is a lot of kryptonite fog in the air and yes everyone that is a thing. The developers used the games draw distance fog as a story plot. If that isn’t a punch to the face, Titus goes and makes a super upgraded version for the Playstation, which leaves all of the 64 users high and dry but the Playstation release got canceled due to license loss. The developers are not to blame for a portion of the mishaps of our caped friend. The series writers are to blame because I mean who would tell someone to make a superhero game where you can’t hit people.

Without a chance in the world this game is one that should be put to rest, but its hard to wash the taste of bad games and kryptonite fog from our mouths without the help of some serious cleaners. Like many superheroes there are always a bad bunch of products in the mix, just look at the Aquaman game on the GameCube.

So there are always some bad games out there, just remember that it could be worse. ;D